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The Path - Prison Planet

by State of Mind Recordings

There they go, they are so brave, Stand tall, look up, and wave. There they go, they are so brave, We'll wait a world away. Feel the fire on your face, the wind in the air. The paper reads, "Humanity has colonized the final frontier." The rapture has us captured as we cheer our heroes on, Please pave the way so we'll be saved, And we can live among the stars.
Do you know how good it feels to have your hands in the dirt? Don't be a slave to grass, we can get to work. Support the people in space, winning the race, Show that you are in the fight. RATIONS FOR VICTORY, the supply chain is focused. RATIONS FOR VICTORY, the supplies are getting tight. RATIONS FOR VICTORY, grow your own, can your own, RATIONS FOR VICTORY, or else we'll let your loved ones die. Support the people in space, winning the race, Show that you are in the fight.
We celebrate the day they freed us From prayer, from flags, from the color of our skin. No longer needing battles when the war was won. We can dance and sing united as one. The poor were never loved. The poor were never hated. The poor were commodified. We celebrate the day they freed us.
I can see the starving children from my kitchen window. I can see dying children from my kitchen window. They were born on the wrong side of the wrong line at the wrong time. I watch them suffer, They aren't on our team, Robbing us both of our humanity. I watch them suffer, I watch them bleed, I sip my coffee, knowing it will never be me, It will never be me.
Semiotics 00:57
They did the testing, we failed the test. We let them bury barrels in the West. Mutation, Rapid evolution, Absolution. We didn't get a warning. They did the testing, we failed the test. We paid them to drop the bombs in the West.
What a fucking disappointment. A bunch of dicks spewing rhetoric, Too thick to live by it. Brave children grow up to be cowards. What a fucking disappointment. Lost sight of the battles, Started to get rattled, Turned into the monsters that they feared. As your body rots.
I heard a whole family made it past the fence. It's bad in here, but it sure as shit doesn't get better out there. Nobody leaves. It's not safe. The monsters live out there. Keep safe, keep limbs. Don't feed the spiderbears. Mine work is fine work. At least our mines are clean. Freedom vs security. No webs, no eggs, and no fucking beasts.
Army of One 00:47
First, they came for the socialists. I didn't say shit; I wasn't a socialist. Next, they came for the black and brown. The queens and kings gathered up around town, Lips tight from fright as my neighbors disappear, Criminalized, dehumanized, No strength to empathize. And then they came for me, And no one was left to speak for me.
Waterworld 01:24
I can never go home again I’m from nowhere. I’m from no place. I remember the days, walking in the rain Down the road to the store past the school I would walk past buildings and through fields and let the rain run down my back I could wave to friends before they met their end when the flood filled their lungs The dams attacked no going back There is a puddle above everything I've ever loved.
My Funeral 01:58
Circle pits around the casket stage dives into the grave fingers pointed in the air, young til we died make no mistake Young once, these dead punks couldn't catch a break Far from tragic, its quite romantic the great stories never fade When I die there's no time to be sad When I die remember the times we had When I die carry my name When you die I'll do the same. Our spirit lives when our body dies.
I turned on the radio and heard the sweetest song? The newscaster reported that something went horribly wrong. Kessler gave warning of the trap built around us That would one day trap us on this rock No chance to leave with the net of debris Which will rip your ship apart. Mission control must have fucked up bad The last supply vessel didn’t get the right math They closed the exit they cut the cord Today on our dying rock, a new world will be born. Retirement party. We don’t work for you now you starve.


released August 1, 2023


all rights reserved



State of Mind Recordings Huntington, New York

Punk Hardcore label based out of NY. We also have a huge web store / distro at www.stateofmindrecordings.com/zencart

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