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released March 17, 2017


all rights reserved



State of Mind Recordings Huntington, New York

Punk Hardcore label based out of NY. We also have a huge web store / distro at www.stateofmindrecordings.com/zencart

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Track Name: Lemonade
No bad days
I'm tired of making the same mistakes
I'm tired of always being asleep
So I'll focus on those happy things
My little house at the end of the street
It keeps me warm
It keeps me safe from all these fake fucking problems'
No more bad days
When you look at me everything's ok
So take my hand and swear we'll get away
and you can stay with me forever
I feel left in the dark
I just wish you'd call
No more bad days
I'm tired of always feeling like shit
Track Name: Live Free
It's been four long years and I'm still wondering to myself
It's been four long years and I'm still feeling gold as hell
Think what you want think what you're able
When your thinking of me you'll be under the table
I'm hearing what your saying
Twisted fucking games
I never cared at all
Let's take a step outside so I can finally say goodbye
Let's take a step outside
A souvenir a swollen eye
Think what you want
Think that it's over
But when you think less of me
Just know that it hurts me too
I'm hearing what your saying
Track Name: Good Enough
Are you still listening?
Cause I swear it's worth your time
My ears are ringing but I bet we'll be just fine
If you could sing along we could lose our voice to this goddamn song
Are we giving up yet
Come on come on
You know we've already wasted all this time
we're trying to figure it out
Are we good enough yet
Come on come on
My life is whispering this isn't worth our time
If I lose this feeling I'm ganna lose my goddamn mind
But I know where we went wrong
Let's still losse our voice to this goddamn song
I guess I'll figure it out
We're ganna follow the sound
Of the blood dripping down when our throat starts bleeding
I'm only miles away
It'll all be ok
I swear that we'll be ok
Track Name: Weatherman
If there's better days ahead of me
Just tell me now cause my heads stuck in the dirt
I'm just tired of it
Being naïve in a world that's seen it all
We'll hold onto our something
Because its better than nothing
We'll hold onto what we have before its gone
I miss my blue pills
They hold me tight as they sing me to sleep
And I miss everything I thought I had on the long drive to 18th
But then there' you
You make it seem like I'm not just born to lose
I'm still tired of it
Being naïve in a world that's scene it all
So until death do its part just walk this earth with me
Track Name: Better off Dad
Say anything to me just don't say it at 4 in the morning
I was trying to sleep
No more phone calls
No more telephone calls
It's comforting to see an empty basement with vacant surroundings
The power's out again
We're getting wasted in our apartment basement
Wake up wake up
Cause we're all fucked and there's nothin we can do
They lied to me and they lied to you too when they said we can do anything
So carry on again just like way back when our minds were distorted
The cavities run deep from the lying that we spit out through out teeth
It's dead sprint to 2 o'clock wall
These paper-cut hands wouldn't hurt at all if you let me get some sleep
We'll go to bed and not wake up knowing that we're all fucked
And have nothing worth showing
We're going to hell real soon
Track Name: EAOG
You're the calm before the storm
And I'm just the fucking weatherman
Track Name: Captain
I'm sure I don't know the feeling of being left behind
Just like you do
I can tell what you're thinking
That everything will work out just fine
But I hope you're better now
This whole town is getting me down
Its getting old and we're going no where
But the things you said I'll keep inside my heart until we grow old
Hey I swear we've met before
So stay so we can talk a little longer
It's safe to say I hated who I was back then
But I'm feeling better now
It doesn't matter what we say cause we're all ganna die someday
So forget the things you're fed
It won't matter when we're dead
Track Name: Reorientation
I couldn't wait to say goodbye
It's time you look me in the eye
But I changed my mind
Nothing's changed and we'll all never know that its too late to say I told you so
But I told you so
I never be something that we had rather than something I'll never forget
Just remember our days are numbered
Lets try to be honest were only lying to ourselves
Just remember our days are numbered
It's been nine days since I've seen you last
Ignore the yelling and the mess
I couldn't wait to get this off my chest
Been waiting too long to say this now
But I was scared and backed right out
So I let you down
Just look what you did to me
I hope you're happy
Track Name: The Winners Circle
Now the storm's coming home
It's rain that's turning into the snow
It's turning my insides out
We'll say nothing at all and we'll run away from the same mistakes
You can ask me to stay but I'll turn away instead of wasting all your time
But what if I changed my mind
I won't run away from all of my problems that only exist in my head
So just hold me close cause this is where I want to be
Track Name: Happy New Year
I'm terrified of talking about the weather
I'm terrified of a cold Winnipeg winter
I'm terrified of watching my life pass while I stay home
I'm ashamed of the time I've spent here waiting
I'm ashamed of the weight that I've been gaining
I'm ashamed of the time I've spent here wasting on my own
You can't change my mind even if you want to
I'm ignoring the little man in my head cause he's boring
I won't lose sleep when I say this but no one's gonna miss you when you're gone
But I'm proud of the progress I've been making
I won't trip on the steps that I've been taking without you
I don't wanna spend the rest of my life just staying inside
And wishing I had the guts to speak my mind
And I never understood the point of New Years Eve
Don't get me wrong I would mind if you stayed inside with me just for tonight
And we don't have to speak until the morning
So Happy New Year

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