Above Fear




Available on 12" (with free digital) or CD at www.stateofmindrecordings.com/zencart

This sound recording of BTGOG is
Rob Pennington
Brian Roundtree
Thommy Brown
Duncan Barlow


released April 19, 2018

Recorded at La La Land Studios in Louisville, Kentucky
on June 23 and 24th 2017
Lead engineer Anne Gauthier
Mixed by: Duncan Barlow


all rights reserved



State of Mind Recordings Huntington, New York

Punk Hardcore label based out of NY. We also have a huge web store / distro at www.stateofmindrecordings.com/zencart

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Track Name: Skinnerian Dilemma
I feel, but I know
Drift in life but in control
I seek, in careful steps
Emotions running wild, but left check

I touch when I can't see
And taste the air each time I breath
I trust but in the past
The patterns of a life,
Or a die that's cast

Certain but we don't know
Hopeless yet possible

One life in poetry, the other pattern,
A sleeping wonder unfolds
Track Name: (Drowning in) White Tides
Exonerate in metaphors
Behind the book, beyond the visage
A painted love hiding war
A caustic reach false redemption

Keep them lost, keep them stupid
Bind them to poverty
Choking on a whitest tide,
Mouths of our humanity

Swinging wild
As the light goes fucking out
Balled fist, no going down
I promise, I will resist
Still shaken, still fuckin pissed
Track Name: Golden Bends
We dwell too deeply on a past
That was painted from a dream
Born in a spoon, fed to you mouths
A privilege we've never seen

You took that leap step back again
This golden rule doesn't bend

So quick to speak and cast a fault
For those that hunger and condemned
You'll never learn-- how to love
Caught between the us and them

You took that leap step back again
This golden rule, it doesn't bend
Track Name: Ann(e)
Hateful lies, and vicious slurs
Bathroom laws, a heart deferred
A bible belt, across the back
A shooting spree, a pulse goes slack

And here we go again, Another peg with hole
Another gift turned pariah
And here we failed again, another chance to all
Stand up for a greater love to call our own

A right to work, a right to be
A right to build a family
A war against, justified
By the blindest piety

This world is full of struggle,
A deafening call to arms
A chime that shakes us all
It's time... to hit back,
And move the needle on
We will no be same

Step out of your shadow
Track Name: Spikes to McConnell
They cast out the light in turn they fear
a cold release of self, held dear

A currency well spent in hate
a colder world to legislate

Slash the forest
ink the seas
sleeping giants
killed in their sleep

Ancient lands so pocked with steel
Mountains blue ground to Meal

And in your heart, that you feel, It shall pass

A working class for a lucky few
We'll sell their schools and children too

We'll take their homes and keep them sick
And when they rise we've got our sticks
Track Name: A Forever Pledge
They say that love is blind, then why are the hypocrites
Are always drawing lines, in which they only fit
It never seems to me, they're who they want to be
But so indoctrinated, taught have they are the hated

This world is just so damn hard, I see you
This world won't tear us all apart cos I'll find you

And when a child is gone, struggling in their skin
Just could not carry on, no one would let them in
Another generation learns to live in fear
A rift that cuts us all, a warning rings so clear

Their are so grating, my hope can't keep fading
My heart it keeps breaking in two

My hands they are shaking, my arms they are shaking
My Voice it is shaking for you

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