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    releases September 8, 2017

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Adopt Don't Shop
Cerulean Blue
Learn the Hard Way
El Mundo Gira


releases September 8, 2017



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State of Mind Recordings Huntington, New York

Punk Hardcore label based out of NY. We also have a huge web store / distro at www.stateofmindrecordings.com/zencart

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Track Name: Human Credential
This is the world, and its at war Tearing us apart
Without a seconds hesitation Without the thought of generations Yet to come

What have we done?

We’ve failed again to save ourselves From our own predation
Indifference, excess, envy, hate
The things that add on too much weight To our feeble minds

It’s made us blind
To the solutions
And free will to choose them
What if we decide we’ve had enough?
That we’re finished fighting with each other, Dividing ourselves up
By race, wealth, class, creed
Gender, borders, culture, countries
The things we cling to define our self identity

We’re all human, but claim we can’t relate We know reason, but keep it locked away Avoid our problems, but hope for better days A doomed species, unless this cycle breaks

If we show compassion
Use forward thinking in our ways To ease the burden
Of competition that has plagued Our world, but I know it can change
Track Name: Fearful Symmetry
We've all been pushed to the edge
there's no time left to hesitate
the fate of the world is resting in our hands with each new move another species ends

only to fill our senseless needs where money fuels power and greed

they don't tell you the impact of modern convenience

they just sell you till your body's depleted then they'll teach you their power pose Show you the power money holds

The river of fire keeps flowing
as we pretend the flames are harmless but slowly everything burns up
and we are left with nothing but ash

Don't live under a label
believe in what you contribute to others let your actions define you
don't let your true self be smothered

people change people I've seen it, I believe it
Track Name: The Syndicate
Question the rule, the only one who doesn't question is the fool
The men behind the curtain will keep you just smart enough to use you, but just dumb enough to fool you

Altered perception that the lives they've shattered aren't lives that matter, your life to them is just a game it doesn't matter, their wallets get fatter

Used as a pawn in foreign trade, protect the king but don't get paid, they'll use your body as a shield, until someone levels the playing field

Your life constantly at risk, they have only one wish, it's to preserve their wealth at risk of human health

So continue to follow blindly but don't be thrown when they speak unkindly of the America we came to be open your eyes then maybe you'll see a place where war is used as a tool
Track Name: Eyes of Love
Not what you think but what you change break the cycle rearrange the only thing left to say is how you choose to push ahead the future pressure building up while we're all begging for change

I wait for a world where clarity is given at any age, you're not forced to choose so young what the rest of your life will take, with room to grow and room to change where each new step isn't met with adversity

eyes of love, eyes of love, view the world through the eyes of love
eyes of fear, eyes of fear, they want you to see through the eyes of fear
Not what you think but what you change break the cycle rearrange the only

thing left to say is how you choose to push ahead the future pressure building up inside your head while we're all still begging for change they don't want you to view the world through the eyes of love
Track Name: Anesthetized
When we stop growing will we lose focus? When we stop expanding will we be hopeless? When we stop growing will we lose focus? When we stop expanding will we be hopeless?

With the changing days if you'd change your ways
you'd shoot off a spark of difference
we pray for rain but then exclaim when we're are drenched with indifference

We put too much stock in the idea the earth has more to take
we need to choose wisely expansion has the power to break

With each new forest plowed we lose quality of air and electric buzzing lines are all you hear
when one minute isn't filled with mindless drivel the masses will be forced to return to the earth

We waste our time
on commodity
never second guessing the footprints we leave

We need to wake up
one day when you're struggling to breath
you'll look at that strip mall and maybe you'll see what I see