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Chaotic Good


Imagine the adventures we’ll have hunting the spider bears to feed our children and keep them save until we wake
Priorities are changing the war that we’re waging is going to free us all You can keep it, you can eat it, you can roll in it until you die….. You keep the lies and we’ll take the rest
I See Demons 00:55
You made it big time You’re the talk of the town As the roof hits the ground and nobody is celebrating Nobody respects your name Your children denounce their family You will be burnt into the annals of time like the shit covered swine you are Don’t be a scumbag piece of shit
It's Alive 02:28
EXTINCTION! CREATION! We are the gods now! Turn water into wine DON’T DRINK IT put wings on swine GO KILL IT! We poison the soil and name the creatures that crawl out We are the gods now!
Red Emma 01:17
We weren’t built for what we build creating palaces to live in filth we are all slaves who can’t break their chains we gave it to the machines for lives of luxury but then they turned on me propaganda of the deed the end justifies the means
R.O.U.S. 01:28
You could have rubbed one out to keep the demons down but you chose to let them out you could have, you should have you could have GOTTEN HELP you chose this route there's no getting out and now they want you to fucking die it doesn’t make it right but it will make it end. the guilt should break you down the pain should cut you up suffer the fires and learn to be better
The cycle is comforting when the cycle is complete a successful end to a successful day with bodies at your feet as your eyes close you deny those that put their boot to your face and you dream of power delusions of power my minds eye has seen you die a million times Then you wake up you fake fuck to start up again self hater, class betrayer and narcissist *it’s a sinking ship there has to be a better way than spend the rest of your days than living like this lets cut the cords, lets cut the shit and we can be better for it
The worlds outside and it’s been calling your name like a needle in the eye trying to get you outside I know I’m upset seeing you take the first step But I want to see where the world will take you I will survive and you will thrive But I will always fucking miss you And I hope the whole fucking world knows How lucky it is to to know you I will survive and you will thrive
I can’t breathe I can’t see straight I need a break I need the devil to fight these demons and thats the reason that I’m stuck so dim the lights to calm the fight and maybe I will deal better tomorrow sounds better than dealing with it today wheres the line between self care and self destruction I can’t see objectively but I know that I’m not moving I’m stuck here without fear but I might be dying please dim the lights.
Wizards walk among us and they don’t need crystal balls They can see inside your soul without knowing you at all How do they weigh your character without hearing you speak? They can see into your soul based on decisions you didn’t make or maybe they are just dumb fucks If you hate your neighbor that you haven’t met Then you are the fucking weak lets all cut the shit and judge people on how they act
November 9th Crystal Night Shattered Glass Busted Heads 91 left dead… 91 LEFT DEAD!! and it began The dead live through me The death march left more children dead. The survivors get the gas. Zyklon b fills their chests their nails bleed as they claw to get free The dead live through me The blood my heart pumps the breath my lung breathe is proof that you will never win it’s proof that you have never won 100 nazi scalps/The dead live through me


released May 12, 2019


all rights reserved



State of Mind Recordings Huntington, New York

Punk Hardcore label based out of NY. We also have a huge web store / distro at www.stateofmindrecordings.com/zencart

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