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I heard that we are their cattle. I heard that we are their slaves. I heard that they will destroy us, if we don’t behave. I heard our technology has failed us. I heard they control us with their minds. I heard they create disease. I heard it’s to control our lives. HOW CAN WE FIGHT BACK??
Rush the flagpole, steal the cloth, these days they don’t mean much. Better purposed as we burn shit, we can never change what has changed in us. Feed the fire. Burn the bodies. Feed the fire. They won’t come back.
Out for blood, where did we come from? Out for blood, where did we go wrong? I can feel it buried inside us. Scratch the itch and tear the flesh. Why fight off the impulses? Vindication through swift justice. GRAB THE GUNS! Nobody is an island. Burn the bridges, flood the world, infect the wound, let it fester and complain it never heals. And we say it’s no longer our fucking problem And we say another one down.
Originally written by Warzone. Together we stand True and strong Young and old We all belong A way of life That's in our hearts Held together Can't be pulled apart United worldwide In every country We all believe In the movement And what it means One family united One human race Can't be divided If there's no hate
Our sexuality, our identities, we can fucking be whoever the we want to be. And you will like it, you will love us and you will not weigh our value off of your egos shallow understanding of who a person is. Can we all just fucking live?
Fucked if I know what makes that thing go. I’ve never seen anything like it before. This is the moment that you realize that you don’t know shit. Horrifying and humbling reduced to bumbling about shit we aren’t equipped to discuss.
Let’s get the fuck out of here, this place is fucked up. The stories that they made left lesions on my brain. They shit, we ate. The problems been identified, diagnosed and can be treated. Step outside and realize it was all a lie. Meet the world that we created. We don’t need borders. We don’t divide. All the kings are hanging. All our gods have died.
Locked in place without a say; we must brave the echoes of past mistakes. Waiting on a crash that ripples from the past. Will you be a slave, food or smoldering ash? Who could ever really say what does the future hold? I don’t think I want to know. Gunned down in line at the company store. Corporate housing — a killing floor. There is no escape. There is no grace. Life reflected on a broken clock’s face.
The pearls that you’re clutching — they add up to nothing. The hands that you’re wringing, the psalms that you’re singing. The fabric is fraying while you keep on praying. Kids locked in cages can’t wait for “God’s patience”. The fucking devil is hiding in plain sight. You let him in, and you gave him life, so I don’t want to hear it; the thoughts deep inside your head. I fear it; the cognitive dissonance. You know it, deep down it don’t make much sense. You’ll feel it when the pendulum rests. I refuse to be dragged down by fearful fools.
Humanity has its own gravity; inconvenient shit for polite society. Things left unresolved. They fester and compound. It’s testing fate’s patience and pushing our luck. They’ll keep on kicking the can down that long road; find out the limits of their control. If a man can breathe then a man can choke. The state will dissolve. Churches will burn. They’ll feel the weight. They’ll feel the churn.
Cheating and taking and always wanting more. Blind faith in a savior who you ignore. It never made sense to me. Your arc is so boring. It doesn’t matter how far you move. That dark force is buried deep in you. It doesn’t matter which god you pray to. It’s a farce that will ever absolve you. If you could find God then surely you could find a spine. If you could ask Jesus for forgiveness then what’s stopping you from asking for mine? Face the mirror; open the door. Make peace with demons you can’t ignore. Who really reigns in Hell?


released April 11, 2020


all rights reserved



State of Mind Recordings Huntington, New York

Punk Hardcore label based out of NY. We also have a huge web store / distro at www.stateofmindrecordings.com/zencart

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