"Fearful Symmetry" from "Unrest" LP​/​CD

by SPIRITS (Song Premeir)



This is the second song on our new LP "UNREST".  The inspiration for Fearful Symmetry from a lyrical perspective came from two main sources: an X-files episode (from which the song title was borrowed) and a poem by William Black called "The Tyger" (which was the inspiration for the naming of the X-files episode).  They both had a large part in the thought process behind writing the lyrics to this song.

As a whole, the theme in Fearful Symmetry is the contrast between how we simultaneously abuse ourselves and the world around us for personal and monetary gain when true happiness should hold the utmost value and not be correlated to money or competing to be better than the person next to you.  At the end of the X-Files episode, a gorilla named Sophie says in sigh language "man save man" which inspired the "people change people" line from the lyrics.

If you know the band personally, you're aware that I'm an eternal pessimist where as Charles and Robert are generally optimistic with their outlook on life and the world around us.  They added in the final lyrics to the song "I've seen it, I believe it" which I originally did not like but have ended up coming around to as it really shows our entire band speaking on these things even if we don't see eye to eye all the time.  People most certainly do change people, both positively and negatively.  It's just up to you to decide how you're going to impact your own surroundings and the people you interact with it. 

Musically this song is definitely one of the harder and angrier ones on the record and Kevin (drums) especially killed it on this track.  He puts in this extra hit during the intro beat of the song that makes it sound so much harder and like a straight punch to the gut. 


released July 27, 2017



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Track Name: Fearful Symmetry
We've all been pushed to the edge
there's no time left to hesitate
the fate of the world is resting in our hands with each new move another species ends
only to fill our senseless needs where money fuels power and greed
they don't tell you the impact of modern convenience
they just sell you till your body's depleted then they'll teach you their power pose Show you the power money holds
The river of fire keeps flowing
as we pretend the flames are harmless but slowly everything burns up
and we are left with nothing but ash
Don't live under a label
believe in what you contribute to others let your actions define you
don't let your true self be smothered
people change people I've seen it, I believe it